Video Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance cameras can amp up the security in your commercial or residential property. They are an investment that can help minimize losses by detecting and recording incidents, accidents, and attacks underway so they can be stopped and those affected can receive immediate assistance. Furthermore, surveillance cameras can act as evidence to implicate criminals, rule out the innocent, and support your insurance claims.

Vortex 1 Security offers state-of-the-art video surveillance cameras installation to minimize security threats, enable timely detection and deter potential perpetrators. We survey your property and develop a customized plan to ensure complete coverage of all areas, so there are no blind spots. Cameras are placed at specific locations through strategic positioning in order to minimize your investment, optimize efficiency, and maximize returns.

We offer our clients only the best security cameras and surveillance equipment, so they are no lags, loops, or breaches. Our property surveillance systems are almost unbreakable, and our cameras cover every inch of your property so you can enjoy a highly secure space. You can easily view the camera footage from anywhere and at any time, so there is absolutely no reason to worry.

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