Home Automation

Technology has made things easier for us in all aspects of our lives. Home automation is just one example. You can save a ton of effort and increase energy efficiency with the right home automation systems and products.

Vortex 1 Security offers clients in Florida installation and maintenance services for premium home automation products. Our products are designed to automate your home, improve your quality of life, significantly lower your utility bills, and increase comfort. From your lights to your locks, thermostats, garage doors, and temperature sensors, we focus on every little thing.

We provide our clients with the best available solutions to make their homes smart and comfortable without draining their bank accounts. Our team believes everyone deserves a life filled with contentment, efficiency, and luxury, and we can make it happen!

With our premium home automation system, you no longer have to get out of bed to switch off a light, go all the way back home to turn off your HVAC system, or pay utility bills for appliances you forgot to turn off before going on vacation. You can do all that with an app on your smartphone. One of the best parts of owning an effective smart home system is that you can specify your home temperature and other atmospheric settings from miles away so you can come home to a comfortable environment.


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