How To Choose An Integrated Security System

How To Choose An Integrated Security System

If you’re looking to buy a home security system, it can be hard to know where to start. There are so many options available on the market that it can feel overwhelming when choosing one. This is why we have written this blog post for you!

Our goal is to help you find the best integrated security system for your home based on the following six tips: quality, coverage, cost, compatibility, power supply, and company reputation. We hope this will make your decision-making process much easier!


The quality of your security system will depend on two factors: the hardware and the software. The hardware includes everything from cameras to sensors, while the software is what runs it all together.

When choosing a quality product, you should always consider these four things: video resolution, power supply type (wired or wireless), privacy, and brand.


The next important factor for your integrated security system is coverage. This refers to how many cameras you will need in order to cover the perimeter of your home.

For example, if a camera has a wide-angle lens, it can cover more area than a narrower angle lens.


The brand is not a critical factor when choosing an integrated security system, but it is an important consideration. You don’t want your home’s new security system to be incompatible with any of the devices you want to link it to.

4.Power Supply Type

The power supply type of an integrated security system is important to consider as well. If you are going with a wireless integrated security system, it’s easier and cheaper to install because it has fewer cables and equipment to deal with.


Another tip for choosing an integrated security system is to make sure the device installation and maintenance costs are something you can afford. You want to avoid budgeting troubles down the road, so look one that fits your unique financial situation.

6.Company Reputation

The final tip for choosing an integrated security system is to make sure you are comfortable with the company and their after-sales support. One good way of determining if a company has good customer service or not is by reading reviews online. The more positive feedback, the better the chances that this company will meet your needs.

All in all, integrated security systems offer a lot of benefits. The best integrated security system is one that can work with all your home’s unique features, including doors, windows, garage door openers, etc. If you’re looking for an effective security system without breaking the bank in Brandon, get in touch with Vortex 1 Security. We provide A-grade home security systems that are affordable and easy to install. If you’re interested, contact us for a quote!