Business Security: 4 Factors To Consider When Selecting A Video Surveillance Camera

Business Security: 4 Factors To Consider When Selecting A Video Surveillance Camera

Over the years, businesses and numerous organizations have faced significant losses due to inefficient security systems. While choosing the perfect commercial security system is a complex task, the availability of hundreds of camera models from dozens of manufacturers for video surveillance doesn’t make it easier either.

Whether you want to deter shoplifting, prevent break-ins, monitor your employees, protect your high-value assets, or simply ensure maximum protection and security for your commercial space, a video surveillance camera can be your best bet! It is more than just a camera with sensors and motion tracking; everything is recorded and monitored by a professional security team at the backend, ready to take action in case of a serious threat.

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In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss the top four factors that you must consider when choosing a video surveillance camera for your business security needs.

1. Place of Use of the Device

Before anything else, decide where you want to install the camera at – outdoor or indoor? This is essential because the place of use will then determine the available options at hand.

For instance, outdoor video surveillance camera installation requires the device to have a weather protection level of IP65/IP66. This allows the device to work efficiently during adverse weather conditions and temperature changes. However, an indoor security camera may not require any such features.

2. Coverage Area/Target Distance

This is another crucial factor. Below are some key points that you must consider.

  • Lens Type: This parameter determines the width of the corner and the distance that each camera can cover. Typically, the wider the coverage, the fewer meters the device sees into space. Moreover, you can also use 180 or 360-degree fisheye cameras to provide a broader range for indoor security.
  • Fixed or PTZ IP Camera: Fixed cameras provide continuous monitoring of a designated area, such as an entrance. On the other hand, PTZ IP cameras allow users to rotate the lens in any desired direction and enlarge the selected areas. They can also be preprogrammed to scan specific routes automatically.

3. Image Resolution

The higher the resolution, the more detailed and accurate the image which is captured and transmitted by the device. However, storing such images require more storage space.

Therefore, pick your camera models accordingly. If you can bear the cost of large storage space, then high-image resolution cameras are the best option for you!

4. Night Vision Feature with IR Technology

If you require evening or night security, look for video cameras with day/night and infrared lighting configurations. Such devices come with IR technology which uses LEDs that automatically glow in the dark, allowing you to capture black and white video without light sources.

All in all, the choice of a video surveillance camera is an essential part of any business security system. Vortex 1 Security professionals are always ready to help you find the right solution for your security needs. Our team is well-skilled and well-versed with the latest security developments, guaranteeing matchless services to our commercial clients anywhere in Jupiter, FL. Get a free estimate today!