12 Tips To Secure Your Home From An Illegal Entry

12 Tips To Secure Your Home From An Illegal Entry

The biggest fear of every homeowner is an intruder breaking in. An illegal entry can lead to a robbery, assault, or worse, murder! A single lapse in security can cost you much more than money, so prevent any illegal entry to your property by taking the following precautions.

1. Protect Your Keys

Being forgetful of your keys increases the risk of losing them. However, what’s worse is if they fall into the wrong hands, resulting in an intruder being able to gain easy access to your home. So, always be mindful of where you keep the keys and who has access to them.

2. Place Multiple Locks

Placing multiple locks on your front door may increase the time it takes you to get in/out; however, it will increase your home’s security. Make sure to use different keys or pin codes to unlock each lock so that even if somebody steals a key or a pin, they won’t get in unless they have access to all keys or pin codes.

3. Install Video Surveillance Cameras

The best way to monitor all areas of your property without placing guards at every nook and corner is through the strategic placement of CCTV cameras. You can easily view the footage on any screen. All you need to do is enlist a reliable surveillance firm’s services to install the video surveillance camera system. However, you should do this in combination with other security measures like sensors to alert you if there is an activity or movement within your premises at odd hours because monitoring the footage of all cameras 24/7 will be difficult.

4. Keep Your Shrubbery Trimmed

Thick bushes and branches can hinder visibility, preventing you from monitoring all parts of your property. Thus, you need to keep the shrubbery trimmed and not let your garden turn into a jungle.

5. Set Up Alarms and Sensors

Set up movement sensors that can trigger the alarm system to alert you if there is an intrusion. You can even set up alarms to automatically turn on lights if you are away from your home, so robbers are tricked into thinking the place is occupied.

6. Activate Your Home Security System

Activate your home security system every time you leave the house and at night so your home is well-fortified, and the authorities can be alerted as soon there are any attempts at illegal entry.

7. Remember to Lock Your Garage Door

Do not forget to lock your garage door, and if you have an efficient home security system, close the garage door automatically from your phone.

8. Illuminate Your Home’s Exterior

Keep your property’s exterior well-lit at night or place motion-sensor light for greater energy efficiency. Lights will discourage any intruders from attempting to break in.

9. Update Door and Window Locks

Ensure all windows and door locks are working perfectly and cannot easily be broken into. If you do not have proper safety locks on the windows, then get them installed immediately, regardless of what floor you live on.

10. Secure Your Wi-Fi

If you have a smart home system, you probably control everything in your home through an app on your phone, which can be hacked if your home Wi-Fi security is weak. Therefore, it is essential to keep a strong Wi-Fi password and take all the security measures needed to protect it against cybercriminals.

11. Hide Exterior Wires

If an intruder is aware or suspects that you have a home security system, then the first thing they will do is cut out your power so the alarms do not go off. The house’s main power supply comes from external wires, so do not leave them visible and accessible to criminals.

12. Put Up Signs

To discourage intruders from entering your residential property, you can place signs and stickers to alert them of some of your security measures. For example, if you have a guard dog or CCTV, put up signs specifying them so they do not take any chances or make any attempts. Even if you do not have electrified fences, there is no harm in putting up signs to scare intruders away. If you want a proactive home security system installed and other security measures like a Doorbell Camera, Touchscreen Deadbolt, or Image Sensor in Tampa, FL, contact Vortex 1 Security. We are a professional security solutions provider catering to all residential clients’ needs at budget-friendly rates!