Cut Bills in Half, More Power to You!

by Sehar Uddin

Posted on:December 5, 2016 at 12:21 am


Users can take control of their energy usage and cut energy costs without
compromising their lifestyle.

Vortex offers-

Energy Assistant:
Energy Assistant automates thermostats to optimize energy savings, especially during “peak use periods” that typically occur during the warmest day of the year. The system has the capabilities to pre-cool your home before the hottest part of day so that cooling is not required during peak hours.

Smart Schedules:
Smart Schedules allows for customized schedules and personalized rules to manage lights and thermostats. Users can adjust the thermostat and turn lights on and off based on time of day and day of week.

Savings Estimator:
With this new tool, users are able to opt-in to view an estimate of how their home energy
usage will be impacted by thermostat schedule changes. In addition, users can
easily see how the new schedule compares to a previous schedule, or to a manual mode.

Energy Monitoring:
Users with the Smart Energy Plus add-on have access to the new Energy Monitoring feature. Energy Monitoring, accompanied by hardware allows your customers to take control of their energy consumption and reduce energy bills. Energy Monitoring shows customers their energy usage behavior by providing information on the whole home, large circuit and appliance levels.

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